RED Personal Pension Plan

The RED Personal Pension Plan is written under a Master Trust Deed with Fiduciary Pension Trustees Limited acting as both Trustees & Administrators.

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Features of RED
Personal Pension Plan

Red Personal Pension Plan

The Red Personal Pension Plan (the “Plan”) is an approved Plan under the laws of Gibraltar.

The Plan is written under a Master Trust Deed with Fiduciary Pension Trustees Limited (part

of Isolas LLP, established in Gibraltar in 1892) acting as both Trustees & Administrators.

Andrew Caddick is the appointed adviser.

Features of the Red Personal Pension Plan:

  • Licensed Trustees regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
  • Fully licensed administration
  • Data protection
  • Tax relief on contributions to Gibraltar registered companies
  • Chargeable events rules apply on income
  • Tax relief allowances on personal contributions for individuals employed via a Gibraltar registered company
  • The plan is open to all persons with Gibraltar sourced income
  • Fully Indemnified Investment Consultant recommendations
  • Competitive Fee Structures

The plan is offered in accordance within the approval granted by the Commission of Income Tax. Pension payments made to Members will be subject to Income Tax in their country of residency under “chargeable events rules”.

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Flexible Investment Options

In addition to mainstream investments such as unit trusts, portfolio bonds, investment platforms, QROPS can also invest in international commercial property and other approved assets, subject to Scheme/Trustee Approval.

Why Choose accl?

Portfolio Management

accl provide a risk related approach to portfolio management based on an individual's personal approach and circumstances. This process includes - accessing investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation for individuals & institutions and balancing risk against performance.

Why Choose accl?

Maximising Benefits to Beneficiaries

It is possible for benefits from a QROPS to be paid out with no UK tax, therefore passing on more of the fund to a member's beneficiaries. Certain conditions apply and rules can vary depending on each jurisdiction.

Why Choose accl?

Fixed Pricing for QROPS

Many UK pension schemes, including stakeholder pensions, have a percentage based charging structure. A QROPS from one of our recommended trustees has a fixed price, all inclusive, initial and annual fees, which could offer a significant saving to your clients as the costs are not linked to the value of the fund.

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