Client Terms of Business and Management Agreement

Please read this document carefully and query anything that is unclear. This is an important document as it sets out our Terms and Conditions. Please do not sign this document if you do not wish to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out.

ACCL is an international financial consultancy firm, offering independent financial investment recommendations in-line with the client. This helps our clients understand, protect and build their assets.

We are able to offer listed retail funds from the entire marketplace, which we believe provides our clients with the widest possible choice. Not all the products and services we offer are regulated and these terms of business apply to non-UK residents.

1. Your expectations.

ACCL will provide initial and ongoing service supported by the administration team. All our services & providers are subject to rigorous selection procedures and hold a range of national and international financial advisory qualifications. These providers adhere to a strict code of professional conduct which will include these principles:

  • To conduct business at all times with the utmost good faith and highest standards of integrity.

  • To exercise due skill, care and diligence when dealing with clients.

  • To provide recommendations objectively with respect to the needs and requirements of clients.

  • To conduct their activities in accordance with the laws governing the jurisdictions within which they operate.

2. Your Objectives.

We are able to appraise your current financial investment needs through a full and comprehensive review service. We can identify and prioritise your financial needs and goals and design an appropriate investment programme to satisfy those needs and goals.

3. Recommendations.

Where funds are recommended, ACCL will ensure that you receive all the relevant literature. Where investments are recommended, the risk and return levels will be fully explained to ensure they match your requirements.

4. Non-Disclosure.

It is important that you ensure that all statements you make on proposal forms and other documents are complete

and accurate. We cannot be held responsible for data held in the event of non-disclosure.

5. Ongoing Advice and Service.

We know that our success relies on the satisfaction of our clients' experience from the services we provide. To keep you fully informed, ACCL provides:

  • Regular revues to ensure your needs are catered for

  • Investment solutions via client interaction

  • Information via our website

If you do not wish to receive any ongoing help and support you must inform us.

6. Security, Privacy and Best Advice:

The security of your finances is of the utmost importance to us. With clients all over the world we have adopted the following rules for all transactions:

We are particularly sensitive about the privacy of information disclosed to us. We will not therefore disclose any information about your financial affairs with anyone, whether acting on your behalf or otherwise, without your express knowledge and consent, unless the release of the information is required to be passed on bylaw or the Rules and Regulations of the client's local regulatory authority.

ACCL operates in many countries of the world and the advice we give will always be within the bounds of the relevant country's law, as we understand those laws to be at the time.

The complex and ever-changing nature of international finance means that it's of paramount importance and in your best interests to ensure that you seek further advice from us whenever you are contemplating a major financial change to your lifestyle which may impact upon your financial investment situation. Our advice is always based on our understanding of the current legislature and your personal circumstances.

While every effort is made to ensure that such advice is correct, we cannot be held responsible for subsequent changes in legislation or if our clients ignore our advice. Tax is a matter of personal responsibility and due to the complexities of different tax regimes, clients are always advised to seek professional tax advice.

7. Communications.

We request that you provide us instructions in writing to avoid possible disputes. Therefore, any verbal instructions must be confirmed in writing.

8. Client Records.

We maintain records of all business transactions for the relevant period of time. You have the right to inspect copies of any printed or computer records relating to your transactions.

9. Fees.

Our professional services will save you time, money and will generate future wealth and security. We are remunerated for these services by either fees or commission. Where you agree to remuneration in the form of a

fee payment, the amount of this fee, the means of its calculation and its method of payment will be provided to you in writing before any chargeable work is undertaken. Failure to pay fees for work which has been carried out voids all responsibilities of ACCL to the client and will lead to legal proceedings to recover this debt in the country of the clients domicile.

10. Professionalism.

As your capital grows and your needs evolve, it is important to receive the right investment recommendations to fulfil your long-term financial objectives.

We believe that you are entitled to expect the very highest standards of investment recommendations and service. We pride ourselves on the standards of professionalism of our company. We follow the principles of 'best advice' at all times. We also believe in being open and transparent and therefore ensure you are made aware of the basic protocol that we follow in our relationship with each client. Should you need clarification on any procedure referred to please contact us on

11. Commencement of the Terms of Business.

Not all clients are suitable for our services. We reserve the right not to accept clients if we feel it is not in the interests of the company. If we accept you as a client, your agreement to engage us as your Professional Investment Consultant will be effective from the date that you sign this agreement.

12. Trustees.

If you have a preference in choosing a local Trustee then we are able to assist you by approaching the Trustee on your behalf.

13. Termination of Terms of Business.

This Terms of Business Agreement will remain in force until such a time as it is either terminated by either party or until you or we request that the terms of business be amended. Should you wish to terminate the Terms of Business Agreement this can be notified by us in writing at any time. Should we wish to terminate the Terms of Business Agreement this will be notified to you and may be issued without notice. If at the time of cancellation, we are engaged in an incomplete transaction we reserve the right not to complete the transaction and if appropriate return to you all the documentation in relation to the transaction.